User-friendly software for rapid quality control of contour measurement and standard geometric elements in CNC machining centres. Maximum productivity as well as reduced rejects thanks to control measurements between the machining steps and rework in the original setting.

FormControl measurement software – Measuring at the click of a mouse in CNC milling machines

  • Highlights
  • Applications
  • Features
  • Options
Measurement with 3- and 5-axis
  • Complex measurements in the machining clamping
  • Orientation of probe or workpiece at will 
  • Measurement of relief cuts or oblique borings possible 
  • 5-axis measurement of what was machined on 5 axes
  • No measuring point remains unattainable 
Informative measuring results
  • Individual display of measurement values on the PC
  • Large number of measuring points via colour bar graphs or colour points
  • Output of measurement result in tabular form in CSV format
  • Output of clearly structured measuring report incl. customer logo
Simple operation using ADIF
  • Creation of the measurement programme by mouse click
  • Collision control


  • Creation of the NC programme
  • Automatic transfer of the programme to the control system
  • Automatic return of the measurement results to FormControl
3D measurement software for machining centres

FormControl measurement software by BLUM can measure complex workpieces in the machining clamping. Wait times, a transport for measuring machine and associated problems during resetting are therefore a thing of the past.

Position measurement

Precise determination and mathematical correction of the current workpiece position and alignment after resetting.

Measurement of standard features

Fast and flexible measurement of standard geometric elements: bore & pins, spheres, cones, outside & inside width, radius, step. Measurement of clearances, single points, angles, inside and outside diameters, inside widths and outside widths.

Contour measurement

High-precision measurement of complex contours and recording the deviation from the CAD model.

Workpiece inspection

Inspection of the manufactured workpieces for machining errors and adherence to manufacturing tolerance by means of control measurements prior to clamping.

Single & mass production

The FormControl measurement software was developed primarily for creating complex measurement projects on machining centres in mould and die applications. It is ideally suited to the measurement of one-off as well as mass-produced workpieces.

Temperature compensation

Compensation of the temperature-dependent thermal behaviour of machining centres.

Manufacture efficiently, lower costs
  • Detect machining errors early
  • Control measurements between the machining steps
  • No transport for measuring machine required
  • Avoids unnecessary storage, fitting and waiting times
  • Logging and documentation of final quality
  • No delays, as immediate reworking possible
  • Can be used with conventional touch probes
One-off calibration
  • Minimisation of idle times
  • Calibration only during commissioning of touch probe or after stylus change
  • Compensation of measurement behaviour of touch probe in space
  • Compensation of influences of machine and control system on the measurement
Best-fit function
  • Orientates the workpiece mathematically in space to create the best possible match of measuring points using the CAD model
  • Continue machining with optimised positioning
  • Compensates systematic measuring errors
  • Individual weighting of measuring points
  • Workpiece can be displaced and rotated at will
  • Axis locking for application-specific alignment
Alignment function 2.0
  • Determination of actual workpiece position and return for CNC control
  • Automatic correction of workpiece position (displacement, torsion, tilting) in up to 5 machine axes
  • Fast rework due to elimination of time-consuming, manual alignment
  • Ultra-high precision due to optimised alignment after (re) setting
FormControl Automation
  • Automatic execution and logging of measurement jobs in-between and after machining
  • Easy assignment of measurement job and component due to unique ID
  • Fast creation of a large number of measurement protocols
  • Implementation of minimally manned, highly productive cutting processes in tool and mould making and in the aerospace industry


Creation of a measurement programme using the 3D FormControl V4 measurement software
Workpiece measurement in the milling centre with BLUM FormControl V4 and TC52 LF touch probe

Success Stories

Johann Pucher
A big benefit of the software is that we are able to measure our workpieces in their original clamp fixtures in the machining centre. That saves us a lot of time, because we can do any necessary reworking immediately.
Johann Pucher
Head of Production at Sammer Modell- und Formenbau Ges.m.b.H. in Eugendorf, Austria