Leader in the production of dies and moulds for mobile devices

Measuring Components

Super-precision for Samsung

Located in Gumi, Korea, PROTECH produces small, precision mould parts for mobile devices using its own excellent manufacturing technologies which enable it to emerge as a dark horse in the global mould market. Blum-Novotest’s measuring systems play a crucial role in ensuring the high quality and enhanced productivity of precision mould parts thus boosting the competitiveness of the company.

Established in 2000, PROTECH, a parts supplier of Samsung Electronics, specialises in the production of small precision mould parts for mobile devices, including the hugely popular smartphones which have become an essential feature of daily life all over the world.

PROTECH President Park Sang-ho, who has 25 years of experience as a mould expert, cites talented human resources, sophisticated (high-precision) machines, and a differentiated manufacturing environment as the main factors behind the company’s competitiveness.

Ensuring manufacturing competitiveness based on ‘being well prepared’

President Park has focused on the accumulation of wire machining technology since the company’s early days. Five or six years ago, he installed high-speed machining centres, and established a lineup of super-precise mould parts, thus improving the company’s product competitiveness. In particular, dozens of sophisticated machines, including wire machining tools, high-speed machining centres, CNC grinding machines, and 3D measuring machines, are the barometer for assessing the company’s super-precision mould machining technology. In addition, the clean working environment, in which temperatures and humidity are maintained at a constant, plays a crucial role in achieving differentiated production and timely delivery. “For small and medium-sized firms it is difficult to hire manpower. Thus, we can boost our competitiveness by streamlining, systemising and automating our production lines,” Park declared. PROTECH has been able to build up a strong reputation in mobile mould parts on the back of its excellent machining technology, primarily because Park has had good insights into market changes and made timely decisions. In addition, the company is adhering to its principle of thoroughly protecting the clients’ security and information in a relationship of strong mutual trust. All suppliers attach great importance to good prices, timely delivery, and quality. Thus, they have to look for methods of producing precise products rapidly and efficiently.

The small mould parts produced by PROTECH often have a tight tolerance of 5 microns: therefore, sophisticated machines and environments, which can enhance precision, are crucial to improving the company’s profits. As such, BLUM’s measuring systems – workpiece touch probes and laser tool measuring systems – are essential for manufacturing precision mould parts.

The ability to shorten setup time and perform on-machine measurement enhances productivity

Park says, “BLUM’s workpiece probes and laser tool setting systems can shorten the setup time for products extremely. The touch probes enable on-machine measurements before and after machining. As such, they are able to shorten machining time and to ensure a high-precision quality, playing a crucial role in enhancing productivity. I am extremely satisfied with our products.” BLUM’s measuring systems provide optimal solutions for PROTECH’s manufacturing environments, which is why Blum-Novotest has entered into a close partnership with PROTECH in the area of super-precision parts.

Meanwhile, PROTECH, with the backing of its highly competitive manufacturing technology for small precise mould parts, is preparing for a second leap forward to emerge as a strong player in the field of super-precision mould manufacturing technologies. Based on its long-time mould technology and know-how, PROTECH is further consolidating its groundwork in a drive to establish itself as a set-mould maker from product design to injection. Believing that securing high-precision machines, outstanding human resources and a sophisticated working environment is closely related to ensuring its product competitiveness, PROTECH is ambitious to lead the way in developing the mould industry by making the necessary preparations in advance of its rivals.