This test rig is used for torsional fatigue and static strength tests of drive shafts. The tests are carried out under variable loads and adjustable test setups, in order to achieve a required number of cycles. Switch-off criteria are either the attainment of defined torsion angle or the breaking of the test specimen.

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Drive unit
Bending unit with torque cell
  • Torque unit with torque motor
  • Center bearing for the simultaneous testing of two specimen, with height adjustment and transverse displacement
  • Bending unit with torque cell for testing under articulated angle and jounce displacement
  • Pyrometer for recording of specimen temperatures
  • Fans for air flow simulation
Engine speed200 rpm
Static torque± 5000 Nm
Dynamic torque± 7000 Nm at 5 Hz
Max. dynamic angle± 25° at 5 Hz, ± 45° at 2,5 Hz
Transverse displacement (center bearing)0 - 400 mm
Articulation angle at bending unit0 - 60°
Jounce displacement at bending unit0 - 400 mm

NovoPS Test Stand Software

The NovoPS test stand software is a Windows-based solution that is programmed in-house and optimised for the respective test task. As the interface to the user, the uncomplicated user interface provides intuitive access to all functions of the test stand. Moreover, both the connection of the test stand to the customer's conveyor systems as well as its integration into the existing network environment is taken into account. This enables the data acquired to be processed and evaluated independently of the test stand.

Data recording

  • Analogue data
  • Digital data (SSI etc.)
  • CAN data (with synchronisation to analogue data)

Data storage

  • Data export as a text file (.csv), DIADEM file
  • Database connection ODBC, MS Access, SQL Server

Creating and editing test programs

  • Generation or import of test program data records
  • Editing program sequences
  • Evaluation within the sequences
  • Free adaptation of test sequences
  • On-line graphic of recorded data