The 100% test of the heavy truck transmissions is performed at the end of the line. The loading process is carried out using a trolley. In addition to the function and noise test, the test programs include the synchronous test.

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Automated oil filling & draining
Special shifting robot for heavy-duty applications
Noise measuring system with pneumatic feeding axis


  • Automated function test
  • Noise test
  • Synchronous test


  • Production test stand with two motors
  • Visual display system for test stand control
  • Computer system for test process control and data recording
  • Noise recording system: 2D-Servoaxis positioning system with constant-pressure pneumatic feeding axis
  • Special shifting robot with 1 linear axis and 1 rotation axis for heavy-duty applications
  • Version-conditioned interchangeable parts for clamping and adapting input and output possible
  • Automated oil filling and draining during the test process
Shaft power (kW)Rotation speed max. (rpm)Output/drive torque max. (Nm)

NovoPS Test Stand Software

The NovoPS test stand software is a Windows-based solution that is programmed in-house and optimised for the respective test task. As the interface to the user, the uncomplicated user interface provides intuitive access to all functions of the test stand. Moreover, both the connection of the test stand to the customer's conveyor systems as well as its integration into the existing network environment is taken into account. This enables the data acquired to be processed and evaluated independently of the test stand.

Data recording

  • Analogue data
  • Digital data (SSI etc.)
  • CAN data (with synchronisation to analogue data)

Data storage

  • Data export as a text file (.csv), DIADEM file
  • Database connection ODBC, MS Access, SQL Server

Creating and editing test programs

  • Generation or import of test program data records
  • Editing program sequences
  • Evaluation within the sequences
  • Free adaptation of test sequences
  • On-line graphic of recorded data

Success Stories

The requirements on a transmission are high. We are offering a maximum degree of experience, expertise and flexibility, whereby we support our customers to comply with the highest quality standards.
Thomas Pannhausen
Head of Sales at the divison NOVOTEST Testing Technology