Blum-Novotest possesses decades of experience in the development and construction of test stands for pressure-bearing components. Today, the NOVOTEST Test Engineering division is the leading technological manufacturer of impulse and gauge-burst test stands, and is equipped to offer every customer a bespoke solution.

Hydraulic test stands

MT series impulse test stands

The MT series impulse test stands represent a cost-effective alternative because they are a modular solution. The standard machine contains the basic functions required for a standard impulse test, while the test environment can remain at the customer for the time being. The test stand can be equipped with various additional functions for performing more specialised test requirement.

Impulse test stands for automotive requirements

The test stands for the automotive industry offer connection options for up to 24 specimens. A special feature of the tests is the ability to perform reliable tests at temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +180 °C. The pressure intensifier installed is designed for a pressure range of 50 bar to 320 bar.

Impulse test stands for coolers

The impulse test stands are used to perform life-cycle tests for coolers. In addition to various pressure functions, the specimens are subjected to different temperature ranges. In this context, customer-specific requirements such as rated outputs, type of temperature control and rapid alternation of specimens are taken into account.

Impulse test stands for industrial requirements

The test stands are optimised for industrial testing norms, some of which use large hosediameters up to 2” as well as fluid temperature control up to 160 °C. The test stands are equipped with a walk-in chamber and pressure intensifiers for pressure ranges up to 1500 bar.

Low-pressure impulse test stands

Low-pressure test stands for gasoline hoses are computer-controlled test system for performing static and dynamic tests on hoses and hose systems with test fluids from high hazard categories such as fuels. The safety concept of a test stand plays a critical role even during the development and design stages. Consequently, both the installation location and premises as well as the volumes of the test fluids and fresh air exchange are thoroughly researched and designed in cooperation with the subsequent user.

Impulse and flex test stands

Impulse and flex test stands are constructed for a combined impulse and flex test. 

  • Standardised assemblies
  • User-programmable load spectra
  • Different impulse volume and pressure levels
  • Two hydraulic circuits (pressure generation and test circuit)
  • Temperature control device for the test medium
  • Sound insulation on the hydraulic unit
Gauge-burst test stands

The test stand is designed for burst testing of hydraulic hoses or pipe sections at a max. pressure of 3000 bar. The key components of the test stand are a test chamber fitted with a polycarbonate window in the cover, a filling mechanism for the specimens, a pneumatic pump for generating pressure and a control system for controlling the test stand. The test stand can be equipped with an optional measurement of the change in length and with an additional sensor that uses another measurement range.

Function test stands for hydraulic valves

The system consists of two autonomous conveyor belts, each with one loading section, 20 pallets, 3 test stations with drainage device as well as an unloading section with trays. All test stations with clamping devices feature identical designs. The test consists of the following individual tests: Piston setting, function test, leakage measurement and characteristic curve determination. At the end of the test, the valve tested is drained.

Temperature test stands for hydraulic components

The temperature test stands are used to carry out pressure and function testing on automatic transmissions and their components. 

NovoPS Test Stand Software

The NovoPS test stand software is a Windows-based solution that is programmed in-house and optimised for the respective test task. As the interface to the user, the uncomplicated user interface provides intuitive access to all functions of the test stand. Moreover, both the connection of the test stand to the customer's conveyor systems as well as its integration into the existing network environment is taken into account. This enables the data acquired to be processed and evaluated independently of the test stand.

Data recording

  • Analogue data
  • Digital data (SSI etc.)
  • CAN data (with synchronisation to analogue data)

Data storage

  • Data export as a text file (.csv), DIADEM file
  • Database connection ODBC, MS Access, SQL Server

Creating and editing test programs

  • Generation or import of test program data records
  • Editing program sequences
  • Evaluation within the sequences
  • Free adaptation of test sequences
  • On-line graphic of recorded data

What we do

Test stands by Blum-Novotest are highly complex systems that are always developed in close cooperation with customers. In doing so, our top priority is to ensure structured and targeted project development. As a partner to numerous international industrial companies, Blum-Novotest can draw on a wealth of experience accumulated over decades.

User consulting
User consulting

We analyse the test task and offer you the best solution with outstanding quality at the agreed time and an appealing price.

Concept creation
Concept creation

After analysing your component and the test requirements, we design the sequence of your individual and optimum test solution.


We plan the ideal test stand for your development or production line, taking into account the country specifications.


The design is based on your specifications and our proven testing methods.


Our test stands are all manufactured and tested in Germany in accordance with the strictest quality guidelines.


Our technicians and engineers ensure a smooth commissioning procedure on site with you.

Test program optimisation
Test program optimisation

We offer production support for test program optimisation all the way to the seamless integration and adaptation of the test stands in your production line.

Training / education
Training / education

Your employees will learn how to handle the test stand and software correctly with us in Willich or at your installation location.


You benefit from our comprehensive service and support around the globe.