There is a little bit of Blum-Novotest almost everywhere inside!

Did you expect measuring and testing technology by Blum-Novotest to be used in the production of many everyday products? Be it smartphones, watches, automobiles, medical implants, aircraft, rotors or even children’s toys – the forward-looking technology presented under the slogan “focus on productivity” helps leading customers across a range of industrial sectors produce optimum quality at economic prices.

Mould Construction

The tools produced by manufacturers of dies must meet the strictest requirements – as any deviations are ultimately reproduced at the same scale in the end products. Ever-increasing quality and productivity requirements combined with growing competitive pressure are leading to greater automation of production and the rise of unmanned multi-shift operations. With theMeasuring Components division, Blum-Novotest ensures the best possible conditions in which to achieve these objectives: Examples include BLUM touch probes, which are used in the machine tool and avoid costly rejects by detecting deviations at the original setting stage. On the other hand, laser measuring systems of the type "LaserControl" perform tool setting functions at nominal spindle rotation speed, detect tool wear and automatically compensate for spindle offset as well as the thermal expansion of the entire plant.

Thanks to BLUM measuring components, Playmobil is achieving the necessary productivity based on partially automated production
In addition to the precision, we were particularly impressed with the level of reliability. The system developed by BLUM exceeds our expectations in every respect
Attila Britting
Head of mould-making at Playmobil in Zirndorf, Germany
Machine Tools

With our technologically advanced tool and workpiece measuring systems for machine tools, the Measuring Components division is a long-standing partner to the international machine tool industry and is the undisputed market leader in the area of laser measuring technology. We place great emphasis on internationality – our worldwide sales and service network supports end customers as well as machine manufacturers. Thanks to our numerous subsidiaries and trained system integrators, we can offer them extremely short response times across the globe for service calls, training and retrofitting requests and in providing support for their processes.

The Measuring Machines division is particularly impressive when it comes to realising continuous process chains. To protect your economic advantage, we cooperate with numerous leading machine manufacturers to offer bespoke complete solutions consisting of machine tools and measuring machines. For us, closed-loop is not just a technical term, but also our day-to-day business!

Timo Lehmann, CEO of Karlheinz Lehmann GmbH
We are fortunate to have received such a powerful solution from the duo comprising BLUM touch probes and a Citizen machine
Timo Lehmann
Managing Director Karlheinz Lehmann GmbH in Oberwolfach, Germany

In the context of the C02 debate and the resulting need to cut fuel consumption, the power plants used must become increasingly efficient. However, the associated design improvements for all components inevitably lead to finer manufacturing tolerances. Moreover, processes at manufacturers and suppliers are becoming increasingly automated in a bid to reduce costs. The Measuring Components division at Blum-Novotest can play a key role here with robust, rapid and exceptionally precise production measurement technology. From workpiece setting through to control measurements between the machining steps all the way to measurement and monitoring of cutting tools, all product groups in series production are used.

In addition, the Measuring Machines division at Blum-Novotest offers systems for measuring rotationally symmetrical parts in series production. Along with proven multipoint measuring machines, measuring and automation cells and non-destructive crack detection systems, bespoke special measuring systems can also be developed on request in cooperation with the customer. Components to be measured in addition to brake discs and brake drums also include camshafts, differential housing, rotor vacuum pumps, radially flexible rolling bushes, wheel hubs or converter parts.

The NOVOTEST Test Engineering division offers test stands for transmissions, drive shafts and bellows for 100% testing. The range of applications realised for leading vehicle and transmission manufacturers extends from the smallest cars to Sprinter vans all the way to city buses, from manual to automatic and double-clutch transmissions, and from development test stands to interlinked production test stands.

Watches & Jewellery

Not many industrial sectors demand greater precision, expertise and quality than this one. Accuracies in the range of hundredths of millimetres are standard, and it is quite normal to work in the micrometre or even the nanometre range – at the limit of what many NC control systems can achieve. Added to this are tools whose diameter sometimes measure mere fractions of a human hair. To master these challenges, many highly skilled manufacturers rely on production measurement technology by BLUM. The Measuring Components ensure ultra-precise production in the machining centres at economical prices. For instance, the LaserControl measuring system uses machine-integrated tool pre-setting and rapid wear and tool breakage detection to help companies produce delicate workpieces of the best possible quality.

The BLUM laser measuring system is installed in the middle of the work area, perfectly protected against coolant and chips
In addition to the precision, we were particularly impressed with the level of reliability. The system developed by BLUM exceeds our expectations in every respect
Christophe Bouveret
Head of Production at watch manufacturer Christophe Claret SA, Switzerland
Consumer Electronics

Technologies by Blum-Novotest are also used in the production of items such as smartphones, TVs, laptops and tablets. This involves the mass production not only of plastic parts, but also of housings and parts made of aluminium, for example, used in popular premium products from major electronics groups. The measuring systems from the Measuring Components division can be used to guarantee reliable series production of the necessary milled parts on the one hand, but also the production of injection moulds for plastic parts with greater precision and higher quality on the other. Whether it's dimensional measurements, scanning workpieces or checking the surface roughness – BLUM measuring systems make every production line effective and precise.

Blum-Novotest touch probes and laser measuring systems are greatly shortening set-up times at PROTECH in Korea
BLUM touch probes are used to shorten the machining time and ensure high quality. They play a decisive role in improving our productivity.
Mr. Park Sang-ho
Managing Director at PROTECH in Korea
Medical Technology

To remain internationally competitive, the manufacturing processes of medical technology products such as implants and surgical tools are increasingly automated. The Measuring Components division has supported numerous medical technology companies for many years with machine-integrated workpiece and tool measurement systems. Implants or medical instruments always involve complex geometries and extremely fine tolerances in the µm range. Consequently, it pays to measure these workpieces, which are made from costly materials such as titanium or Inconel, in the original setting in order to avoid rework and rejects. Thanks to the touch probe series from Blum-Novotest, compromises between safety and machining time during the process are a thing of the past.

From a 0.5 mm ball nose mill to a 63 mm saw blade – At Stryker all tools are measured using the Blum-Novotest laser measuring system
Unmanned operation at this level of reliability would be unthinkable without the BLUM laser measuring system. Moreover, services covering all aspects of the product – from service to consulting all the way to support – are first class!
Simon Heyse
Team Leader Milling Stryker Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG

In the aerospace industry, the performance requirements are extremely high as the issue of safety is ultimately of paramount importance. From a manufacturing technology perspective, materials such as Inconel and titanium that are difficult to machine, enormous component sizes as well as the precision required all pose a challenge to production teams. BLUM laser measuring systems from the Measuring Components division are used here as a matter of course for tool measurement and monitoring tasks. The systems also help reduce kerosene consumption: For instance, non-contact length measurement of turbine blades conducted in the rotating state enables the smallest manufacturing tolerances to be realised, which allows aircraft turbines to operate even more efficiently. The touch probes by BLUM are also used here. As in many other industrial sectors, their ability to provide quick and high-precision workpiece measurements avoids unnecessary rejects and productivity losses. BLUM always wishes you a pleasant flight…!

Walter Strohmeier, MTU Aero Engines GmbH and Winfried Weiland, Blum-Novotest GmbH
The special cycle that BLUM wrote for us to measure the special tools used with special profiles proved to be particularly effective.
Walter Strohmeir
User support representative for NC engineering at MTU Aero Engines GmbH in Munich, Germany
Wind Power & Energy

The growing pace of internationalisation in the sector has further intensified the competitive and price pressure for companies operating in the wind power industry. For this reason, many manufacturers are looking for ways to streamline and optimise their manufacturing processes and costs. One factor that sets this particular industry apart is the very large workpieces such as slewing rings and rotor blades. Any machining errors that are detected outside the machine tool can only be corrected at considerable extra cost. Products from the Measuring Components division, allow manufacturers to detect possible machining errors in the original setting, thereby enabling them to rework them immediately. The production process is more efficient as a result and rejects are reduced to a minimum.