Innovations at CONTROL 2016
- Measuring Machines

Blum-Novotest presents inline multipoint measuring systems for 100% testing of brake disks

Blum-Novotest, a leading supplier of innovative and high-quality measuring and testing technology, will be featuring high-precision dynamic measurement systems for brake disks on its stand at the CONTROL show in Stuttgart (hall 3 stand 3406).

"The mostly tactile data acquisition is a dynamic process with the brake disk rotating. This means the systems simultaneously measure parameters including diameters, heights and wall thicknesses by 20 different probes for each", explains Peter Mösle, Sales Manager of the Measuring and Testing Technology division. "Under extreme conditions such as casting dust or temperature fluctuations, repetition accuracies of within 1 µm can be achieved. This demands temperature recording and compensation for the workpiece and the machine. The systems are designed for three-shift operation, attaining ultra-short cycle times of less than 20 seconds."

In addition to geometric features, they assess true running and concentricity, as well as other shape and position deviations. The qualitative assessment of brake disks, as vital safety components, is implemented by BLUM's own measuring and evaluation software UMS. The integrated Q-DAS interface links to the higher-level quality data acquisition system.

Increasing demands in terms of precision and productivity in production are also imposing higher demands on in-production quality assurance procedures. Blum-Novotest multipoint measuring machines provide high-precision 100% inline testing of brake disks. Integration into machining sequences permits process control with no loss of primary processing time. Based on trend recognition and defined intervention thresholds, the BLUM software calculates machine correction data for each characteristic feature even before tolerances are infringed. The processing machine is automatically re-adjusted to the centre of the tolerance band by way of a correction interface. The closed control loop means that the specified tolerances can be optimally maintained with no manual intervention.

Inline measurement with Blum-Novotest multipoint measuring machine for 100% testing of brake disks, here with optional roller conveyor automation.
Inline measurement with Blum-Novotest multipoint measuring machine for 100% testing of brake disks

Leading car-makers and component suppliers trust in the tried and proven reliable technology of BLUM measuring machines. The company has been supplying high-precision dynamic measuring and crack-testing systems for 100% checking of brake disks in the production environments of OEMs and their partners since 1985. Thanks to continuous service and update support, service lives of over 15 years are more the rule than the exception for these robust machines. BLUM's support includes system maintenance as well as upgrades to additional product types and complete technical retrofitting where necessary.

Custom solutions have been translated over the years into modular concepts for the testing of brake disks. Whether for solid-cast, light-weight or composite brake disks; internally or externally vented: BLUM multipoint measuring machines can be configured with different modules to meet specific requirements. One example might be highly automated adaptation of the tactile measuring system to different brake disk types; or the customer might need additional crack and natural frequency testing stations for the brake disks based on more stringent test requirements. Blum-Novotest can supply the complete automation package on request.

With its more than 25 years' experience in testing brake disks, Blum-Novotest has to date supplied over 150 systems to automotive manufacturing plants throughout Europe. "Beyond Europe, our customers also manufacture in Asia and America", Peter Mösle adds. "The automotive industry demands a consistent quality level wherever the location. For those markets, too, our modular inline multipoint measuring machines offer the ideal solutions for 100% testing of brake disks."