The new measuring and evaluation software M4P
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Blum-Novotest presents the new measuring software M4P at the CONTROL 2019

Blum-Novotest, a leading supplier of innovative and high-quality measuring and testing technology, will be featuring the new measuring and evaluation software M4P at the CONTROL show in Stuttgart (hall 3 stand 3406). The newly developed software was specifically designed for the company's post-process measuring machines and can now be used for even more demanding tasks thanks to a total sampling rate of up to 100%.

Peter Mösle, Sales Manager Measuring Machines, explains: "Measuring machines from Blum-Novotest are generally used for the 100% measurement of mostly rotationally symmetric components during medium and large-volume production in the automotive industry. Integrated in fully automated production lines, they document the quality of each manufactured component, allowing the immediate rejection of faulty parts and implementation of a closed loop process for managing the machine tool. Our new software M4P has enabled us to improve all aspects of the previous, proven software solution for these machines."

Thanks to the new measuring and evaluation software M4P, which has been specially developed for dynamic measurement tasks, Blum-Novotest is able to offer a software solution that additionally satisfies the test process suitability and measurement uncertainty analysis according to VDA Volume 5 of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). The software is fully compatible with the current statistical software solutions from Q-DAS. Measurement data can be output as an AQDEF file and contains all the necessary K fields specified by the automotive standard.


The intelligent algorithms for calculation are yet another highlight. The measurement uncertainty must be taken into account for each measured value, for example due to temperature fluctuations, factors that influence probing or dirt. If the measurement uncertainty is 1 µm with a tolerance of 10 µm, a remaining tolerance of just 9 µm is effectively available for production. The difficulty now lies in determining this measurement uncertainty precisely for each characteristic, since it can vary. This is particularly important for dynamic diameter measurements, as the axis of rotation also needs to be compensated. Consideration of the measurement uncertainty and the improved correction strategy lead to higher process stability.

The high level of user-friendliness results from many programming refinements. The user is guided intuitively when creating new measurements, can toggle between functions and views at lightning speed by means of quick navigation and is graphically supported.
Another new feature is the box plot view, which allows critical and stable characteristics to be distinguished at a glance – even with a large number of existing characteristics. For example, when measuring a brake disc for measured value acquisition, 15-20 probes are used at the same time, from which up to 100 characteristics can be generated in the evaluation. Of course, not only absolute dimensions, but also form and position deviations for each component are stored in an individual measuring report. Through the dynamic presentation and highlighting of process-critical characteristics, the operator immediately recognises unwanted deviations or trends and is able to take appropriate countermeasures.

The measuring and evaluation software M4P incorporates the latest metrological findings as well as more than 35 years of experience in production measurement technology. The newly redeveloped software is designed for the current 64-bit version of Windows. "Every aspect of the previous software solution has been improved in the new software. We now meet all the market requirements and also offer a significant increase in user-friendliness, flexibility, speed and traceability, as well as greater precision than in the past," Peter Mösle says, in summary.