Universal receiver systems for all BLUM measuring components with infrared transmission. Latest generation transmission and receiving technology guarantees reliable and swift data transmission.

IC56 | IC57 – Operate two measuring systems with just one receiver

  • Highlights
  • Features
Transmission using DUO mode
BLUM IC56 with DUO mode
  • Standard receiver for BLUM measuring systems with infrared transmission
  • Sequential operation of two BLUM measuring systems with one receiver
  • Very fast and secure transmission if there is a line of sight to the receiver
  • Switch ON/OFF via infrared flash
Compact, modern design
Infrared receivers for BLUM touch probes and tool measuring probes
  • Optional front kit enables installation into the machine wall free of interfering contours 
  • Assembly compatible with radio receiver RC66
  • Elegant and proven design
IC57 design
BLUM IC57 infrared receiver for installation in the spindle head
  • Solution for mounting in the spindle head of 5-axis machines
  • Guaranteed transmission, independent of spindle indexing
  • Extremely compact
  • Mounting without visible cable
Receiver IC56
Infrared receiver IC56
IC56 receiver for BLUM measuring systems
Receiver IC57
Infrared receiver IC57
Receivers for BLUM measuring systems with infrared transmission
Further product features
  • Line of sight required between receiver and measuring system
  • Protection class IP68
  • Integrated air nozzle protects from contaminates
  • Elegant and proven design
  • Very long battery life with the measuring system used

Additional information can be found in the relevant brochure and in the operating manual.