Hybrid laser measuring system for CNC machining centres for tool measurement and monitoring in all 3 machine axes. Unbeatable precision and reliability due to high-quality laser optic, adapted tool setting probe and unique BLUM protection system.

LaserControl NT-H – Ideal for temperature compensation of the 3rd axis or perfecting absolute accuracy

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Proven high-precision laser measuring system
Laser measuring system with tool setting probe in tool measurement
  • Support systems provide highest precision
  • Adapted precision tool setting probe for functional expansion
  • Laser diodes and lenses of the highest quality
  • Intelligent NT-Technology
  • Maximum absolute accuracy with focused laser beam
  • Programmable by integrated microprocessor
  • Pre-aligned laser for easy mounting
  • Extremely robust and long-lasting
Non-contact and optical tool measurement
Measurement of a T-slot mill with the BLUM laser measuring system
  • Fast, precise and automatic measurement of all tool types, shapes and cutting materials (PKD, CBN, etc.)
  • Measurement in real clamping condition and at nominal speed
  • Compensation of spindle drift and concentricity errors of the tool cutting edges
  • Reliable measurement of sensitive and very small tools
  • Measurement of multi-staged tools and special tools
100 % reliable due to BLUM protection system
LaserControl NT protection system for reliable tool measurement
  • Reliable measurement thanks to patented NT Electronics and barrier air flow
  • Perfect protection for the lens from contamination through proven mechanical shutter
  • BLUM pneumatic unit for maximum availability and low-maintenance operation
  • Reliable tool cleaning by high-end blow nozzles
  • Very low air consumption
  • Protection class IP68
BLUM standard measuring cycles

The measuring cycles for BLUM laser measuring systems can be used to measure and monitor over 90 % of all conventional cutting tools. The measuring cycles are available for many conventional controls. Your local BLUM-representative will gladly inform you about the range of features for your control.

Tool Breakage Detection

Non-contact breakage detection of centric tools such as drills, mills, engraving tools, taps and reamers.

Tool Setting

Non-contact tool setting in length and radius at nominal speed including compensation of dynamic spindle drift at high rotational speeds.

Single Cutting Edge Monitoring

Monitoring of tools regarding cutting edge breakage and missing tool inserts.

Tool Form Measurement

Setting and monitoring of length, radius and cutting edge radius on tools with circular cutting edge geometry.

Tool Form Monitoring

Monitoring for cracks or wear by scanning the tool cutting edges.

Wear Compensation

Compensation of tool wear using measurements between the machining steps. The wear value is stored as an additive correction value in the tool offset memory.

Temperature Compensation

Compensation of the temperature-dependant thermal behaviour of machining centres.


Rapid run-out monitoring in less than 1 second for highly productive machining centres.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Fast monitoring of tool cutting edges for microbursts in a highly productive environment.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.

3D RadiusControl*

Recording of form error on tools with circular cutting edge geometry. Data basis for 3D tool radius compensation “3D-ToolComp” by Heidenhain.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Length, radius and angle measurement on tools with angular edges such as spot facers, engraving mills, etc.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Monitoring of conical cutting tools such as conical thread mills/formers, chamfer cutters, end mills, etc.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Cutting edge monitoring by laser measuring system on freely definable tool geometry.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Radial high point search by laser measurement for recording the contact point of turning and milling tools.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Dynamic measurement of grinding tools and grinding wheels by laser measuring system.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Alignment and orientation of tools for compensating for tool change errors on turning tools, ultrasonic cutters, etc.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.

LaserControl NT-H
Technical drawing of LaserControl NT-H
  • Distance transmitter/receiver < 30 mm: 0.1 µm 2σ *
  • Distance transmitter/receiver < 1000 mm: 1.0 µm 2σ *
  • Tool setting probe Z-Pico: 1 μm 2σ
Tool diameter, minimum:
  • Distance transmitter/receiver < 30 mm: 5 μm *
  • Distance transmitter/receiver < 1000 mm: 125 µm *
  • Probe Z-Pico: > 0.05 mm

* Depending on the mounting situation, stability of attachment, distance and measuring mode.
Additional information can be found in the relevant brochure and in the operating manual.

Temperature compensation variant:
Tool setting probe mounted in XY: Enables temperature compensation of the 3rd Machine axis
Measurement of a BLUM reference tool
Absolute accuracy variant:
Tool setting probe mounted in Z: Perfection of absolute accuracy of tapered tools (e.g. engraving tools, etc.) Measurement with laser for determination of the spindle drift at high speed
Measurement of a pointed tool with LaserControl NT
Reliable tool cleaning by BLUM blow nozzles
Blow nozzle for tool cleaning
  • Jet of air guided perfectly towards the measuring position
  • This provides residue-free cleaning of coolant, chips and pollution from the cutting tools
  • Integrated check valve: Prevents the accumulation of coolant in the feed nozzles and resulting contamination of the tool cutting edges.
Indispensable – the BLUM pneumatic unit
Blum-Novotest pneumatic unit
  • Guarantees low-maintenance operation
  • Enables low compressed air consumption
  • 3-stage filter system (5 / 0.01 / 0.001 µm activated charcoal filter)
  • Optimised valves with minimum switching times
  • “Puff effect” for best possible cleaning when opening the shutters
  • Outputs with finest filtered barrier air for linear displacement sensors and tool cleaning


High-precision measurement of a tool of Ø 10 µm using the BLUM laser measuring system.
Reliable tool monitoring under the harshest conditions using the BLUM laser measuring system.

Success Stories

The BLUM laser measuring system is installed in the middle of the work area, perfectly protected against coolant and chips
In addition to the precision, we were particularly impressed with the level of reliability. The system developed by BLUM exceeds our expectations in every respect.
Christophe Bouveret
Production Manager at the timekeeper Christophe Claret SA, Switzerland