Touch probe specially designed for the requirements of CNC machining centres in highly productive manufacturing. Unique bidirectional measuring mechanism with optoelectronic switch signal generation for superior accuracy at maximum measuring speeds of up to 5 m/min.

TC51 | TC61 touch probes – Globally unique touch probes for fast pulling measurements

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Wear-free and optoelectronic signal generation
Sectional view of TC61 measuring mechanism
  • The trigger signal is generated via shading of a miniature light barrier
  • Enables much higher measuring speeds and accuracy than with conventional probes
  • Wear-free with long-term stability
Fast and pulling measurements for optimum productivity
Detail – workpiece measurement, pulling
  • High-precision, bidirectional measuring mechanism
  • Extremely fast measurements
  • The probing direction in XY is defined by the orientation of the spindle
  • For accelerations of up to 10g
  • Spindle indexing is required
Reliable and proven transmission technology
Use up to 6 BLUM touch probes with one receiver
  • TC51: Infrared Transmission
  • TC61: BRC Radio Technology
  • DUO-Mode: Sequential use of 2 infrared measuring systems with one receiver
  • Sequential use of up to 6 radio measuring systems with one receiver
  • TWIN mode: Simultaneous use of 2 radio measuring systems on one machine
  • Very long battery life
BLUM Workpiece Touch Probes

Touch probes by BLUM can be used for the most varied measurement and monitoring tasks in CNC machining centres.

Position Measurement

Fast determination of current workpiece position (workpiece zero point) prior to machining or after resetting using digital (switching) measurement.

Measurement of Standard Features

Digital (switching) measurement of distances, single points, angles, inside and outside diameters, inside and outside widths on a manufactured workpiece.

Pulling Measurement

Fast measurement of inside widths, outside widths and recesses using pulling/pushing measurements in Z+/Z-.

Workpiece Inspection

Inspection of the manufactured workpieces for machining errors and adherence to manufacturing tolerance by means of control measurements prior to clamping.

Adaptive Machining

Determination of parameters for adaptive machining and process control between and after machining steps.

Coolant Load

Reliable and fast measurements in coolant thanks to modern measuring mechanism with enhanced measuring force.

Single & Mass Production

Ideally suited to mass production under the harshest conditions thanks to its rugged design and protection class IP68.

Wear Compensation

Tool wear is compensated for by taking measurements on the workpiece and comparing these with the nominal dimension.

Temperature Compensation

Compensation of the temperature-dependant thermal behaviour of machining centres.

Probe TC51
Touch probe with infrared transmission
Technical drawing of TC 51 touch probe
Probe TC61
Touch probe with BRC radio transmission
Technical drawing of TC 61 touch probe
Further product features
  • Max. probing speed: 5 m/min
  • Repeatability: 0.3 µm 2σ
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Approach directions: ±X *, ±Y *, ±Z
  • Max. acceleration: 100 m/min

* Via spindle orientation

Additional information can be found in the relevant brochure and in the operating manual.

Receiver Systems
BLUM Receiver RC66

For wireless data transmission between BLUM measuring systems and the machine tool, compact receiver systems incorporating the latest transmission technologies are used.

Quickstart measuring cycle packages
Measurement on the single-side cranked stylus with BLUM Quickstart Z

Quickstart measuring cycles for BLUM workpiece touch probes are user-friendly subroutines of the machine control. They can be used for workpiece referencing as well as for measuring during the production process.

The following measuring cycle packages are available for the TC51 | TC61 touch probes:

  • Quickstart Z


Pulling/pushing workpiece measurement with TC51 on Hermle machining centre
Pushing measurement in the machine tool with BLUM TC61 touch probe
BLUM TC61 touch probe pushing measurement in the machine tool