Measuring device for determining the workpiece temperature simultaneously during critical machining time to ensure maximum machining accuracy despite strongly fluctuating entry temperatures. Fast measurement and compensation of thermal influences by sensors integrated into the workpiece clamping device.

Temperature measuring system TG81 – Keeping the workpiece temperature under control

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Cycle time neutral compensation
Sectional view of TG81 temperature measuring system with sensors
  • Simultaneous determination of workpiece temperature during critical machining time
  • Up to 8 sensors integrated in workpiece clamping device
  • Can also be used with other analogue sensors, e.g. workpiece position or clamping pressure sensors
  • Extremely fast measurement
  • No rejects due to temperature fluctuations
Highly accurate process control
Temperature measuring system TG81 enables closed process circuit
  • Improved part quality
  • Compensation of temperature changes e.g. due to dry processing, ambient temperatures
  • Compensation values are calculated by the NC control
  • Greater part accuracy due to scaled machining (scale function)
The most up-to-date transmission technologies
Use up to 6 BLUM touch probes with one receiver
  • Reliable data transmission using BRC radio technology
  • Sequential use of up to 6 radio measuring systems with one receiver
BLUM temperature measuring systems

BLUM temperature measuring systems are ideally suitable for series production with strongly fluctuating workpiece temperatures.

Temperature Measurement

Automatic recording of workpiece temperature by means of sensors integrated in the workpiece clamping device.

Modular System

Extendible to up to 8 temperatures sensors per radio transmitter unit.

Adaptive Machining

Determination of parameters for adaptive machining and process control.

Mass Production

Ideally suited to mass production under the harshest conditions.

Temperature Compensation

Compensation of the temperature-dependant thermal behaviour of machining centres.

Temperature measuring system TG81
Temperature measuring system with BRC radio transmission
BLUM TG81 measuring system for measuring workpiece temperature in CNC machining centres
  • Up to 8 hard-wire temperature sensors per transmitter unit
  • Resolution: 0.1 K
  • Protection class IP67
  • Very long battery life

Additional information can be found in the relevant brochure and in the operating manual.

Receiver Systems
BLUM Receiver RC66

For wireless data transmission between BLUM measuring systems and the machine tool, compact receiver systems incorporating the latest transmission technologies are used.