Production-related quality assurance and maximum productivity are guaranteed by a correction interface to the machine tool. Customised for your process, the measuring system is suitable for medium and low-volume production.

  • Highlights
  • Your benefit
  • Variants
Dynamic wheel hub measurement
Combination of two linear axes with precision rotary table
  • High availability thanks to extremely solid and durable design
  • Automation by loading gantry (horizontal design) or robot (vertical design)
  • Highly flexible due to software measuring sequence and NC clamping devices
  • Practically rust-free
  • Pulling and pushing measurements possible
  • High availability and flexibility without time-consuming setting-up
  • Outstanding precision even in harsh production environments
  • No workpiece-specific calibration master required
  • In-line measuring technology can also be fully integrated as an »in-line« or »post-process« system
  • Manual or automated loading/unloading
  • Correction interface
Horizontal design
Vertical design

More information about special versions is available on request!

Robust and versatile solution for flexible tactile measurement of rotationally symmetric precision parts in the production environment

Flexible 2D measuring machine for 8HP radially flexible rolling bush