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Calendário atual

novembro 2012
BLUM´s LaserControl NT measuring system enables W Präzisionstechnik to measure microscopic tools with a diameter of just 30μm with high precision
On the limits of technology

Laser tool measurement systems from Blum-Novotest at W Präzisionstechnik

setembro 2013
Measuring Components of Blum-Novotest are used in the production of the NASCAR-Team „Joe Gibbs Racing“
Probing shapes NASCAR cup chase

German production metrology at Joe Gibbs Racing (Huntersville, NC)

julho 2014
PROTECH is a Korean ist ein koreanischer Teilelieferant supplier of Samsung Electronics
Super-precision for Samsung

Leader in the production of dies and moulds for mobile devices

setembro 2014
The measurement function using the BLUM TC52 LF, which is integrated into the machine, forms the basis for the precision of G.RAU products
Touch probe halves production costs

Laser measuring system for tool measurement, touch probe and measurement software by Blum-Novotest in the toolmaking department at G.RAU in Pforzheim, Germany

setembro 2014
Supreme precision with Blum-Novotest at watch manufacturer Christophe Claret SA
Ultra-high precision partner

BLUM laser measuring systems at the famous Swiss timekeeper, Christophe Claret SA.

setembro 2014
BLUM Z-Pico in the production of precise instruments in medical technology
Precision for medical technology

Measuring technology by BLUM at Günter Stoffel Medizintechnik GmbH in Wurmlingen, Germany

dezembro 2014
Production of engine parts - economic and high quality
Safety is paramount

BLUM LaserControl at MTU Aero Engines GmbH in Munich, Germany

março 2015
Stryker uses BLUM Measuring Components for production of implants to bone joints
Reliable unmanned

Automated manufacture around the clock with Blum-Novotest at Stryker-Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG in Mühlhofen-Stetten, Germany

maio 2015
BLUM laser measuring systems play a key role in the success of the play figures on a daily basis
LaserControl at Playmobil

Reliability for automated mould making

agosto 2015
The TC50 infrared probe from Blum-Novotest permits lightning-fast measurement of the complex molds
Complex measurement by mouse click

Measuring Software from Blum-Novotest at Sammer Modell- und Formenbau GmbH in Eugendorf, Austria

setembro 2015
NVH drive shaft test stand from Blum-Novotest GmbH
Latest Test Bench Technology at GKN

Low CO2 Emission due to Cutting-edge Test Bench Technology

dezembro 2015
The robust TC54-10 T touch probe featuring a face-geared shark360 measuring mechanism is able to withstand chip throw, shock impact and vibration
Perfect for lathes

Production measurement technology from BLUM at Christmann

janeiro 2016
The Blum-Novotest BMK 3 permits highly reliable measurement and component handling
Measuring at High Speed

High-precision, high-speed measurement of tool inserts

março 2016
Dynamic measurement of brake disks using a Blum-Novotest multipoint measuring machine
Innovations at CONTROL 2016

Blum-Novotest presents inline multipoint measuring systems for 100% testing of brake disks

maio 2016
Digital micrometer with PC link of Helios-Preisser
Touch Probe instead of night shift

Touch probes automate the production of hand-held measuring equipment

setembro 2016
BLUM surface roughness gauge TC64-RG
Innovations at AMB 2016

Game-changing measuring systems for Industry 4.0

setembro 2016
Combination of lathe and Blum-Novotest BMK 5 ensures maximum productivity
Inline measurement at production rate

Lathe and automatic measuring machine for a maximum of productivity

outubro 2016
Blum-Novotest test stand at DDC
Gearboxes on the test bench

Blum-Novotest realises a large test bench project at Daimler Detroit Diesel in the USA.

dezembro 2016
BLUM TC76-DIGILOG analogue touch probe at Lehmann
Scanning in the machine tool

BLUM TC76-DIGILOG touch probe at Lehmann

fevereiro 2017
Funkübertragender 3D Werkzeugtaster ZX-Speed RC der Blum-Novotest GmbH
New 3D tool setting probe ZX-Speed

The most advanced member of the tool setting probe series

Blum-Novotest, the leading supplier of innovative and high-quality measuring and testing technology, introduces the new ZX-Speed tool setting probe at the Intec (hall 5, booth D16) and Moulding Expo (hall 5, booth D32)…

fevereiro 2017
Blum-Novotest zum sechsten Mal auf der IMTEX in Indien
Important visitors in India

The german prime minister Winfried Kretschmann and economic affairs minister Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut visited Blum-Novotest at the trade exhibition IMTEX in India.

março 2017
Blum-Novotest TC64-Digilog bei der Schuler AG in Göppingen
570,000 individual measurement values per driveshaft

BLUM TC64-DIGILOG touch probe as a measurement gauge for drive shafts at Schuler Pressen

março 2017
Blum-Novotest Messtaster TC63-Digilog
Innovations at Control & WFL technology meeting

BLUM presents the TC63 DIGILOG touch probe at Control in Stuttgart (Hall 3, Booth 3410)

julho 2017
RIVA fertigt zahlreiche Bauelemente aus Edelstahl und Aluminium sowie vergoldete Tore und komplexe Fassadenelemente.
High precision in sacred halls

Produce large milled parts with high precision using measuring systems from Blum-Novotest

agosto 2017
Blum-Novotest News 2017

The Blum-Novotest News 2017 are now available for download!

agosto 2017
Die ALSTO Präzisionsspannwerkzeuge GmbH ist Spezialist für qualitativ hochwertige Steilkegel- und Hohlschaftkegel-Werkzeugaufnahmen.
Automation under control

BLUM touch probes and laser measuring systems at ALSTO Präzisionsspannwerkzeuge GmbH

setembro 2017
Dank der perfektionierten Laseroptik kann der neue LC50-DIGILOG eine Absolutgenauigkeit jenseits aller vergleichbaren Messsysteme vorweisen.
Reinventing laser measuring technology

World debut of the new LC50-DIGILOG at EMO 2017

novembro 2017
BBS beliefert die Autohersteller sowie den Nachrüstmarkt
Probes by BLUM keep BBS wheels running smoothly

Robust BLUM touch probes in use at BBS

junho 2018
50 Years of Measuring Technology and Machine Tool History

Blum-Novotest celebrates anniversary

julho 2018
LC52-DIGILOG für Dreh-Fräszentren
Perfect combination

BLUM presents new hybrid laser measuring system at the AMB 2018

agosto 2018
Production Metrology from BLUM at Disterhoft

Touch Probes, Laser Measuring Systems and Software KinematicsPerfect from BLUM at Disterhoft

setembro 2018
Das Familienunternehmen ist Weltmarktführer im Formenbau für Dichtungssysteme.
Measurement of free-form surfaces made easy

Measurement software FormControl, CNC touch probes and laser measuring systems from BLUM at Pfaff Molds

dezembro 2019
Blum-Novotest News 2018

The Blum-Novotest News 2018 are now available for download!

fevereiro 2019
BLUM touch probes on Strama-MPS

20 million high-speed measurements each year with touch probe TC76

março 2019
Die neu entwickelte Mess- und Auswertesoftware M4P wurde speziell für die Post-Prozess-Messanlagen von Blum-Novotest entwickelt.
The new measuring and evaluation software M4P

Blum-Novotest presents the new measuring software M4P at the CONTROL 2019

março 2019
Tries ist führend in der Drehdurchführungstechnik für Medien wie Hydrauliköl, Druckluft, Diesel, Bremsflüssigkeit, Wasser, Klimagase und Schmierfette. Diese werden z.B. in Baumaschinen eingetzt.
Precise Measurements in a turning-milling Machining Centre

Production Metrology from BLUM at Tries

maio 2019
Blum Messtaster im Bearbeitungszentrum
New Measurement Software FormControl V5

Execution of complex measurement jobs in machine tools

julho 2019
Adapt or fail?

DIGILOG measuring systems - it's the future of measuring

agosto 2019
BLUM at EMO 2019

DIGILOG Technology, LC-VISION and Spindle Monitoring

setembro 2019
BLUM production metrology at toolcraft

Measuring systems for precise tool and workpiece measurement with a robot arm

outubro 2019
BLUM laser measuring system measures a tool.
Using DIGILOG technology to 'track down the micron'

BLUM production metrology at Carl Benzinger GmbH

novembro 2019
“We now measure even more accurately in the micron range…”

High precision touch probe TC52 from BLUM at myonic GmbH

março 2020
Taking measurement technology to an elite level

DIGILOG touch probes from BLUM at WFL

março 2020
COVID-19 - We remain ready to assist you during this unique situation!

Information about the current situation

abril 2020
Short interview with Peter Mösle

“In place of tenths or at most a few hundreds of a millimetre, we now operate in the single-digit micron range.”

fevereiro 2021
COVID-19 – We are here for you!

Information about the current situation

fevereiro 2021
A safe landing – with measuring technology from BLUM

Surface roughness gauges from BLUM automate the production process of airplane landing systems

fevereiro 2021
Clever system combination

Spindle head communicates via the standard radio interface of a BLUM touch probe

abril 2021
“Today, we are both a software and a hardware company”

Interview with Alexander Blum on the subject of Corona, digitalisation and technology

maio 2021
Mobile spindle monitoring

kptec service gmbh relies on Portable SpindleControl from BLUM

junho 2021
DNC Tecnica conta com o Portable SpindleControl

DNC Técnica recebe o primeiro sistema portátil de controlo de spindle de BLUM Portable Spindle Control (PSC) em Portugal

agosto 2021
Touch probe for cnc machining centres and lathes
New TC55 touch probe

BLUM presents the new TC55 touch probe at the EMO in Milan and at BLUM TECH-TALK 2021