KinematicsPerfect gives you a fully-developed software solution for measuring the kinematics of 4-axis and 5-axis machine tools. The NC-based measuring cycles enable precise checks, documentation and corrections of rotary axes on rotary and swivelling tables.

Detecting and optimising kinematic errors

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Checks, Documentation and Corrections

  • Quickly checks alignment and positioning accuracy based on measurements using a calibration sphere
  • Detects mechanical geometrical deviations of the rotary axes as well as bearing damage
  • Identification of machine problems caused by incorrect machine settings, collisions or wear
  • Verifies the kinematics with/without automatic correction
  • Performs measurements during commissioning, service calls or series production based on a thorough inspection of the machine status

Step by step towards greater precision

The detection of kinematic errors in the rotary axes involves recording measuring points at a calibration sphere mounted on the machine table. With the aid of the supplied measuring cycles, previously defined points are approached from different probing directions and the spatial deviation calculated. Based on these values, the kinematic parameter tables can be automatically updated, which compensates the spatial error that occurs during swivelling movements.

Preparation of the machine including installation of the calibration sphere

Measurement procedure on the calibration sphere

Automatic correction of the machine kinematics or analysis of values on the PC

Maximum Machine Performance

  • Prevent machining errors caused by the system by adapting the centre of rotation of the rotary axes
  • Continuous and long-term checking and logging of machine kinematics
  • Maximum machining quality during 5-axis machining with interpolation
  • Permanent guarantee of machining quality
  • Cost savings thanks to the ability to perform in-house measurements and corrections
  • Prevent errors caused by manual measurements of machine accuracy
  • Verification of critical machine alignments by definable angle values
  • Receive automatic error notifications of measuring values outside of the tolerance
  • Rapid reaction to machine crash and checking of machine status

Analysis, Visualisation and Documentation

The KinematicsPerfect PC software provides enhanced options for analysing measuring data. It provides a simple way of evaluating the performance of the machine kinematics.

  • Enhanced analysis options for optimising the machine kinematics, detecting bearing damage or mechanical geometrical deviations of the rotary axes
  • Intuitive, graphic display of measuring results across all axes
  • Displays roundness deviations of a table or rotary axis
  • Evaluates circular deviation, displays centre drift and individual measurement results

Table/rotary axis: graphical representation and
evaluation of B-axis

Displays evaluation of circular deviation, centre drift and individual measurements of the B-axis

Table/rotary axis: graphical representation and
evaluation of C-axis

Displays evaluation of circular deviation, centre drift and individual measurements of the C-axis


KinematicsPerfect software – detecting and optimising kinematics errors in machine tools