The innovative system allows a full check, analysis and evaluation for quality assurance of spindles. It is able to perform typical test cycles like speed, temperature und vibrations of bearings as well as coolant temperature and flow rate.

  • Highlights
  • Your benefit
Testing software and HMI
Option runout measurement LC50-DIGILOG
Connection possibilities
  • Fast configuration of customized test sequences by excellent software solution
  • Return on invest through reduction of field service by pre-assurance of product quality
  • Ready-to-install motor spindle because of bearing run in procedure part of the testing
  • Various test sequences like reverse rotation procedure, maximum speed test, …
  • Connection possibility of spindle internal and external sensors
  • Identical reproduceable test sequences for different service locations
  • Automated test sequence and data acquisition without any influence by operators
  • Flexible and universal application for different type of motor spindles
  • Small footprint by compact design for easy transportation and quick loading/unloading of spindles from above

Software for spindle test stands

The test-stand software for spindle test stands is a Windows-based solution that is programmed in-house and optimised for the respective test task. As the interface to the user, the user interface provides intuitive access to all functions of the test stand.

Test sequence

  • Fast configuration of customized test sequences
  • Intuitive creation of complete applications using software modules
  • Global networking of the test benches possible

Data recording

  • Manual and automatic data collection
  • Real-time display of measured analog data
  • Test results in .xml file

Spindle ID

  • Documentation of the delivery/arrival condition
  • Findings for optimization/development
  • Preventive maintenance through data collection possible