In developing the measuring systems, our engineers and technicians place great emphasis on simple and user-friendly operation. To tap the full potential of the measuring devices on a permanent basis, we recommend additional regular training by our application engineers.

User training courses

Our modular training system helps you tap the full potential of the BLUM products used. Qualified and hands-on communication of content guarantees the best possible learning outcome and even more efficient cutting.

  • Expert training course by BLUM application engineers
  • Training on your premises using your own machine/control system
  • Individual support in small groups (max. 5 persons) guarantees the best training outcome
  • Comprehensive training for participants in the function, use and maintenance of the systems
  • Training also possible in the event of retrofitting following the installation work
  • Boost productivity and cut costs with well trained personnel
  • Optimum use of measuring cycles leads to improved product quality

The user training courses for BLUM measuring systems are structured in a modular fashion: 

Basic training

Standard software training: Delivering basic knowledge of how to use BLUM measuring systems.


  • Use of standard cycles
  • Maintenance
  • Tips & tricks
Specific customer training courses

Training course specially tailored to the needs of customers for optimised use of BLUM measuring systems in the cutting process.


  • Adjustment of measuring cycles in mass production
  • Measurement of specific workpieces
  • Measurement of special tools
  • etc.
Integration training courses for OEM customers

Intensive training specially for employees of OEM machine manufacturers

  • Qualification for your employees to optimise integration of BLUM measuring components 
  • Training course with expert knowledge to maximise performance of BLUM measuring systems and machines

We are happy to tailor these individual training courses with expert know-how to suit your requirements.


Alternatively, BLUM offers training courses in the form of workshops:

  • Hosted at the BLUM Technology Centre or in collaboration with leading machine tool manufacturers
  • Typical group size: 15 to 25 persons
  • Delivering basic knowledge of how to use the measuring systems
  • Demonstration of the use of BLUM products within the process chain

The workshops are usually free of charge. The time and location will be announced by e-mail or here on the website