The range of applications for crack detection testing machines includes 100% testing of safety-critical components such as drive shafts, wheel hubs or brake discs. Non-destructive eddy-current crack testing is performed by a full scan of the relevant areas for testing within the production cycle.

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Crack testing of wheel hubs with hole counting
Non-destructive eddy-current crack testing
Crack testing is possible on a wide range of components
  • Eco-friendly, fast and fully-automated objective inspection
  • Reliable identification and discharging of cracked parts
  • High availability thanks to extremely solid and durable design
  • Can be fully integrated into the production line
  • Automation by means of inter-linkage, conveyor, shuttle, robot or gantry
  • Can be individually extended to accommodate additional test criteria such as shrinkage cavities, pores, etc.
  • Marking system for OK/NOK identification or individual coding
  • Typically arrange immediately downstream of the machining station, often combined with a multipoint measuring machine
  • Also available as measuring system for external control

Probe guidance concepts

Linear axes
Path control
Flexible guidance by articulated robot

More information about special versions is available on request!

Crack testing is mostly carried out on safety-critical components

Crack detection testing machine for wheel hubs