Universal receiver systems for all BLUM measuring systems with radio transmission. Latest-generation transmitter and receiver technology with extremely robust transmission protocol guarantees reliable and fast data transmission.

RC66 – Use up to 6 measuring systems with just one receiver

  • Highlights
  • Features
Unique BRC radio technology
  • Broadband transmission, therefore very insensitive against interferences
  • No influence on other radio systems
  • Extremely fast signal transmission, absorbing the influence of inconstant measuring speeds
  • Radio-controlled probe activation
  • Easy operation by intelligent pairing procedure between measuring system and receiver
Compact, modern design
  • Optional front kit enables installation into the machine wall free of interfering contours 
  • Robust design, IP68 
  • Assembly compatible with radio receiver IC56
  • Elegant and proven design
Multiple operation
  • Sequential use of up to 6 touch probes with one radio receiver
  • Use of up to 16 bore gauges with radio signal
Receiver RC66
Further product features
  • No line of sight required between receiver and measuring system
  • Transmission range 15 m
  • Very long battery life with the measuring system used
  • Protection class IP68
  • Mounting without visible cable possible

Additional information can be found in the relevant brochure and in the operating manual.