Hard-wired tool setting probe for drill bit breakage detection and tool length measurement in small machining centres. Measurements of unrivalled speed and precision for micro-tools under the most adverse manufacturing conditions using a modern measuring mechanism based on a linear working principle and optoelectronic switch signal generation.

Z-Pico tool measuring probe – Measure and monitor the smallest tools at up to 2 m/min

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Wear-free, optoelectronic signal generation
  • The trigger signal is generated via shading of a miniature light barrier
  • Enables much higher measuring speeds and accuracy than with conventional probes
  • Wear-free with long-term stability
High-precision, modern measuring mechanism using linear working principle
  • Ball-bearing precision linear guidance
  • The functional principle prevents lateral forces acting on the tool
  • Very low measuring force
Reliable measurement and monitoring of micro-tools
  • Measurement and breakage detection of sensitive and very small tools
  • Tool measurement from D = 0.05 mm
  • Extremely fast measurement at up to 2 m/min
BLUM tool measuring probes

Tool measuring probes by BLUM can be used for the most varied measurement and monitoring tasks in CNC machining centres.

Tool Breakage Detection

Non-contact breakage detection of centric tools such as drills, mills, engraving tools, taps and reamers.

Tool Length Measurement

Automatic setting and wear monitoring of tools by quick and precise length measurement.

Wear compensation

Compensation of tool wear using measurements between the machining steps. The wear value is stored as an additive correction value in the tool offset memory.

Temperature compensation

Compensation of the temperature-dependent thermal behaviour of machining centres.

Coolant load

Reliable and fast measurements in coolant thanks to modern measuring mechanism and robust design.

Mass Production

Perfectly suitable for mass production under the harshest conditions.

Tool setting probe Z-Pico
  • Max. probing speed: 2 m/min
  • Repeatability: 1 μm 2σ (standard)
  • Min. tool diameter: > 0,05 mm*
  • Protection class: IP67

* Depending on geometry and material of tool. Probing force must not result in damage to tool.

Additional information can be found in the relevant brochure and in the operating manual.

BLUM Measuring Cycles

The measuring cycles are user-friendly subroutines of the machine control. They can be used on milling and turning machines for the following measuring tasks

  • Calibrating the probe
  • Tool length measurement
  • Tool wear monitoring
  • Tool breakage detection (monitoring drill bit breakage, engraving tools, etc.)

The measuring cycles are available for many conventional controls. Your local BLUM-representative will gladly inform you about the range of features for your control.

Blow nozzles for tool cleaning

The optional blow nozzles by BLUM effectively clean the tool and measuring surface of any coolant and chips.


In addition to simple drill bit breakage detection, the Z-Pico tool measuring probe is also used for tool length measurement in small machining centres.  

Fast drill bit breakage detection and tool length measurement with BLUM Z-Pico tool measuring probes
Fast tool breakage detection using the Z-Nano tool setting probe by BLUM

Success Stories

Chirurgische Instrumente der Günter Stoffel Medizintechnik GmbH
We have become more accurate thanks to the Blum measuring systems. This has meant that the impression which surgeons gain of the instruments quality has once again improved somewhat.
Dieter Stoffel
General Manager at Günter Stoffel Medizintechnik GmbH in Wurmlingen, Germany