Bore gauges for automatic determination of all bore characteristics in highly productive machining centres and transfer lines. High-precision measuring results using machine-independent measurement value recording with up to eight individual measuring elements.

BG61 bore gauge – As special as your requirements

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Machine-independent measuring system
  • Solution with up to 8 individual measuring elements
  • Extremely fast measurement
  • Optoelectronic measuring value generation
  • Wear-free with long-term stability
Highly accurate process control
  • Instant process control due to calculation of tool compensation values
  • Process control using mechatronic tools: machining - measuring - corrected machining
  • Realise a continuous process chain
  • Reduction of scrap
  • Elimination of costly post-process measuring station
Progressive evaluation by IF48
  • Communication between control and bore gauge
  • Manage test plans with up to 40 characteristics 
  • Simple connection to machine control (e.g. via Profibus or Ethernet) 
  • Enables process control with correction values (optional)
  • Logging of measuring results
  • Q-DAS data export
BLUM bore gauges

Bore gauges by BLUM can be used for the following measurement and monitoring tasks in CNC machining centres and transfer lines.

Diameter Measurement

Automatic and rapid acquisition of bore diameters (> 3 mm) in the original setting.

Adaptive machining

Determination of parameters for adaptive machining and process control between and after the machining steps.

Coolant load

Reliable and fast measurements in coolant thanks to robust design and modern measuring mechanism.

Mass Production

Perfectly suitable for mass production under the harshest conditions.

Wear compensation

Tool wear is compensated for by taking measurements on the workpiece and comparing these with the nominal dimension.

Bore Gauge BG61
  • Data transmission with BRC radio technology
  • Diameter-specific measuring head
  • Resolution: 12 Bit / 0,15 µm
  • Protection class IP67

Additional information can be found in the relevant brochure and in the operating manual.

Receiver Systems

For wireless data transmission between BLUM measuring systems and the machine tool, compact receiver systems incorporating the latest transmission technologies are used.

Customer-specific versions

The measuring heads are manufactured specially for the specified requirements.


Measuring a truck crankcase using BLUM BG61