Portable SpindleControl (PSC) is a high-precision, portable system for flexible testing and monitoring of motor spindles in machine tools. With the set consisting of LC50-DIGILOG, the “LC-VISION PSC” software and additional accessories, the most important spindle parameters can be recorded and evaluated quickly and easily.

PSC – The condition of the motor spindle always in view

  • Highlights
  • Functionality
  • Application
  • Measurement protocol
Portable spindle monitoring system
  • Portable system, perfect for mobile use
  • Spindle monitoring at the tool centre point and over the entire speed range
  • Plug & play solution without PLC adjustments
  • No connection to the machine control required
  • Enables predictive maintenance and prevents unplanned machine downtime
  • Graphical representation, logging and statistical evaluation of the results
  • Prevents unscheduled machine downtimes due to defective spindles
  • Monitoring of the motor spindle quality throughout the entire life cycle
  • Detects bearing damage at an early stage
  • User-friendly Installation
  • Safety: Ribbon cable allows operation with the machine door closed
  • Perfect solution for spindle service companies, maintenance and repair departments, spindle manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers
Analysis and visualisation
  • Logging of measuring results
  • Statistical evaluation of individual measurements depending on spindle speed
  • Graphical visualisation of the recorded measured values
  • Freely-definable warning and tolerance limits
Analyses and more...

PSC gives you a comprehensive picture of the current condition of the machine spindle. The following functions are available for assessing the spindle quality:

Run-out analysis
  • Speed-dependent measurement and visualisation of the radial and axial run-out behaviour
Stability analysis
  • Inspection of the thermal change behaviour of the spindle
Vibration analysis*
  • Vibration measurement and analysis at different speeds
  • Evaluation of the spindle bearing condition through FFT analysis
Spindle parameter analysis*
  • Evaluation of the typical spindle parameters (LTSH, STSH, run-out, peak to peak) based on ISO/TR 17243

* Assessment of the probability of failure and the degree of spindle wear possible (expert knowledge required)

Spindle monitoring made easy...
  1. Creation of measurement jobs in the software "LC-VISION PSC" on an external PC
  2. Installation of laser measurement system via magnetic holder on the machine table
  3. Positioning of the reference tool in the laser beam 
  4. Entering the test speed into the control
  5. Starting the measurement
  6. The generated data is transmitted to the interface with a ribbon cable, even when the door is closed, and processed
  7. Visualisation, analysis and preparation of the data on the PC
Export of measurement protocols for
  • Radial run-out
  • Axial run-out
  • Vibration
  • Stability
  • Spindle parameters

Our product range of motor spindle testing in machine tools

In addition to the PSC system, Blum-Novotest offers other solutions for documenting the condition of motor spindles throughout their life cycle: The products range from laboratory test stands for spindle development and end-of-line test stands for spindle production to machine-integrated solutions in the form of our LC50-DIGILOG laser measurement systems.