The multipoint measuring machines are designed for 100% quality monitoring. They provide static and/or dynamic testing, which records all measurement features in a single workpiece rotation under extreme production conditions such as casting dust or temperature fluctuations in the workpiece.

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Dynamic measurement
Inside measurement & temperature acquisition
Testing within the production cycle
  • High availability thanks to extremely solid and durable design
  • Can be fully integrated into the production line
  • Automation by means of inter-linkage, conveyor, shuttle, robot or gantry
  • Ultra-precise thanks to optimum use of measuring sensors
  • 100%-measurement with statistical quality control within the production cycle
  • Precision and reliability, even in harsh production environments
  • Testing technology with required scope of automation
  • Also available as measuring system for external control
  • Measuring – testing – automating | complete solutions from a single source
Roller conveyor automation
Swivel loader
Direct loading on pre-storage

Also for other disc-shaped workpieces such as flywheels
Multipoint measuring machine for flywheels

More information about special versions is available on request!

Ultra-precise and dynamic multipoint measuring technology for brake discs and brake drums directly during production

Multipoint measuring machine for brake discs
Multipoint measuring machine for brake discs and brake drums