Surface roughness gauge specially for checking the surfaces of plane workpiece geometries in milling, turning and grinding machines. Automated and fast evaluation of surface roughness in the machining clamping by high-precision single measuring element.

TC63 RG Single – Detecting machining errors using automated roughness measurements during idle times

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BLUM surface roughness gauges
  • Automated roughness measurement without manual operator intervention
  • Roughness measurement on surfaces of plane workpiece geometries
  • Output of roughness parameters Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt, Rmax and Wt
  • Enhanced in-process reliability by elimination of manual and downstream tests
  • Determine problems of the cutting process
  • Use of the expensive tools until the real end of the service life
  • Protected by patents
High-precision single measuring element
  • Wear-free, optoelectronic measuring mechanism
  • High measuring resolution for maximum precision and safety
  • Probing element similar to standard specifications
  • Very low measuring force
Modern BRC radio technology
  • Reliable and proven transmission technology
  • No influence on other radio systems
  • Sequential use of up to 6 radio measuring systems with one receiver
  • Very long battery life
BLUM Roughness measuring systems

Surface roughness gauges by BLUM can be used for the most varied measurement and monitoring tasks in CNC machining centres.

Position measurement

Fast determination of current workpiece position (workpiece zero point) in one axis before the roughness measurement, the machining or after resetting.

Roughness Measurement

Automated roughness measurements on machine tools in mass production. Indirect detection of tool wear and direct inspection for machining errors on workpieces or functional surfaces.

Modular System

The measuring system’s modular design allows for customer-specific adaptation to special measurement tasks. BLUM offers a comprehensive range of accessories such as extensions and elbows for this purpose.

Workpiece inspection

Inspection of the manufactured workpieces for machining errors and adherence to manufacturing tolerance by means of control measurements prior to clamping.

Coolant load

Reliable and fast roughness measurements also in coolant.

Mass Production

Perfectly suitable for mass production under the harshest conditions.

Roughness Gauge TC63-RG Single
  • Analogue measuring range:180 µm
  • Resolution | converter resolution:34.8 mV/μm | 0.067 μm/Digit
  • Sampling rate internal | external:1 kHz | 1 ms/value or status

Additional information can be found in the relevant brochure and in the operating manual.

Receiver Systems

For wireless data transmission between BLUM measuring systems and the machine tool, compact receiver systems incorporating the latest transmission technologies are used.

Software RG 2.0
  • Automatic calculation of roughness parameters Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt, Rmax and Wt
  • Flexible definition of warning and tolerance limits per measuring distance
  • Alarm release when exceeding the warning and tolerance limits
  • Immediate processing and editing of the measuring results of surfaces
  • Providing the tracked data in a log file
Touch Panel TP48-21

Modern touch panel for retrofitting. It is used if visualisation and operation is not possible on the machine control.


BLUM surface roughness gauges for automatic, machine-integrated inspections and measurements of workpiece surfaces. Surfaces can be measured reliably and with high precision using the TC63-RG Single surface roughness gauge even under the influence of coolant.

Surface roughness gauge BLUM TC63-RG Single: Automated roughness measurement with single measuring element