Laser measuring system for CNC machine tools that is unique worldwide for non-contact tool measurement and tool monitoring under the harshest conditions. Unbeatably fast, precise and reliable thanks to the latest DIGILOG technology, premium laser optics and perfected BLUM protection system.

LC50-DIGILOG – A future-oriented laser measuring system for CNC machining centres

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The world’s most advanced laser measuring system
  • Highly dynamic measurement of all tool parameters
  • Non-contact measurement of all tool types, shapes, and cutting materials
  • Recognition of changes in geometry such as tool cutting edge wear
  • Consistently good part precision through process-integrated temperature compensation
  • Reliable compensation for spindle drift and runout errors
  • Run-out monitoring detects bad tool holders and soiling
  • Low-manpower, automated operation
  • Protected by patents
Unique DIGILOG Technology
  • Up to 60% less measuring and checking time
  • Thousands of measuring values of all tool cutting edges per second
  • Evaluation of a data stream
  • Dynamic adjustment of the measuring speed according to the nominal tool rpm
  • Automatic filtering of dirt and cooling lubricant residue on tool
  • DIGILOG calibration with integrated run-out monitoring
  • In-process reliability under coolant in a new dimension
Premium laser optics & protection system
  • High-end laser optics for optimum performance under the harshest conditions
  • Repeatability in nanometre range
  • Maximum absolute accuracy with focused laser beam
  • Measurement of micro-tools and very small cutting edge geometries
  • Maximized homogeneity of beam shape for optimum results even under coolant mist
  • Absolute accuracy better than all comparable measuring systems
  • Extremely powerful stream of barrier air to provided optimum protection for the optics
  • Explosive cleaning of the aperture
BLUM standard measuring cycles

The measuring cycles for BLUM laser measuring systems can be used to measure and monitor over 90 % of all conventional cutting tools. The measuring cycles are available for many conventional controls. Your local BLUM-representative will gladly inform you about the range of features for your control.

Tool Breakage Detection

Breakage detection of centric tools such as drills, mills, engraving tools, taps and reamers.

Tool setting

Non-contact tool setting in length and radius at nominal speed including compensation of dynamic spindle drift at high rotational speeds.

Single cutting edge monitoring

Monitoring of tools for broken or missing cutting edges.

Tool Form Measurement

Setting and monitoring of tools with circular cutting edge geometry in length, radius and cutting edge radius.

Tool Form Monitoring

Monitoring for cracks or wear by scanning the tool cutting edges.

Wear compensation

Compensation of tool wear using measurements between the machining steps. The wear value is stored as an additive correction value in the tool offset memory.

Temperature compensation

Compensation of the temperature-dependent thermal behaviour of machining centres.

Spindle Control

Recording and documentation of spindle wear for preventive maintenance

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.

3D ToolControl

Recording of form error on tools. Detailed representation of wear and defects on the tool cutting edges

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Rapid run-out monitoring in less than 1 second for high production machining centres.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Fast monitoring of tool cutting edges for microbursts in a highly productive environment.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Length, radius and angle measurement on tools with angular edges such as spot facers, engraving mills, etc.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Monitoring of conical cutting tools such as conical thread mills/formers, chamfer cutters, end mills, etc.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Cutting edge monitoring by laser measuring system at freely definable tool geometry.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Radial high-point search by leaser measurement to record the intervention point of turning and milling tools.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Dynamic measurement of grinding tools and grinding wheels by laser measuring system.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.


Alignment and orientation of tools to compensate for tool change errors in turning tools, ultrasonic tools, etc.

* The technology cycle is available for selected controls.

Adaptive machining

Determination of parameters for adaptive machining and process control between and after the machining steps.

Technical data
System length150 mm200 mm260 mm300 mm400 mm500 mm
Max. Tool Ø*36 mm120 mm314 mm498 mm1154 mm2087 mm
Min. Tool Ø* 5***/15 μm20 µm30 µm37 µm49 µm66 µm
Repeatability** 0.2 µm 2σ0.3 µm 2σ0.4 µm 2σ0.5 µm 2σ0.7 µm 2σ0.9 µm 2σ

* Risk of collision if tool diameter exceeds opening width. Observe the operating manual!  ** Depending on the installation situation and stability of mounting *** 5 μm possible, with adaptation of software parameters

Additional information can be found in the relevant brochure and in the operating manual.


The laser measuring system LC50-DIGILOG is offered as standard in lengths from 150 to 500 mm. Custom lengths and heights available on request.

HPC Nozzle: Reliable tool cleaning

The completely redeveloped HPC nozzle guarantees quick and residue-free removal of coolants, chips and other contaminants.

  • Highest possible cleaning pressure
  • Jet of air guided perfectly towards the measuring position  
  • Integrated check valve
  • Can be mounted on both sides
BLUM smartDock

smartDock is a globally unique standard interface for all support systems for the current BLUM laser measuring system series.

  • 3 variants for flexible assembly
  • Only 2 connecting lines
  • High-end pneumatic valves with very short switching times
  • No separate pneumatic unit needed
  • Compatible with all system variants
  • Easy to change to new tool sizes
  • Fast switching for lowest possible machine downtimes
  • Simple laser preparation

Measuring and visualisation software for DIGILOG laser measuring systems from BLUM

  • Simple creation of tool-specific measurement sequences (jobs)
  • Operation and visualisation on the control screen
  • Intelligent analysis methods  increases machining quality and reduces rejects 
  • Data logging and statistical evaluation
  • ...

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Modern machine tools used for unmanned machining must be equipped with sensors for reliable process monitoring. In this scenario, LaserControl systems can be used for precise tool setting and tool monitoring.

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